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Xionggu Electrical is a professional manufacturer of welding equipment. We provide one stop solutions for pipeline welding. Founded in 1992, Xionggu has become an established leading welding equipment manufacturer in China. We have participated in almost all pipeline construction projects in China and many projects abroad through the past 28 years of development.

Xiongu owns200 patents and have an R & D institute and a special test lab for weldingequipment. Our operations are strictly implemented in accordance with ISO9001,ISO14001 and ISO45001. Arc droplets accurate control, arc welding seam trackingand Data cloud management system are the threecore technologies we employed in our welding products, which put us standingout of our competitors.   Xionggu recognizebringing long term value to customers is important to the sustainability of thebusiness,   so we have a strong technicalteam actively being in customers’ construction place   providing   on-site service.

Xionggupipeline automatic welding machines are accredited with Scientific andTechnical Achievements by Petroleum Engineering Association and certified byGazprom and Transneft.   XiongguElectrical is also a member of InternationalPipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA).

We strive to keepthe continuous innovation with the aim of positioning ourselves as one of theleading global welding machine companies.

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